Dogecoin is successfully ranked one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies for the 1st time since 2015 subsequent to a meteoric pump believed to successfully have been orchestrated by a Reddit group. This cryptocurrency is once again gracing the list of top crypto assets by the market cap. 

This company has surged 900% from $0.0078 to post the first-time high of $0.078 in less than a couple of days by breaking its last high of $0.0185% by over 4 times. The veteran meme-coin ranks as the 7th largest crypto asset with the market cap of over 9 billion which is sitting below Cardano and above Chainlink. This company last traded for $0.073 especially at the occasion of writing. 

The abrupt DOGE parabola has been successfully attributed to the organized pump which is carried out by the Reddit group r/WallStreetBets members. These members were found to have engineered the recent short-squeeze which triggered the lockdowns on the trade of shares of the Gamestop. The TIE is the crypto data aggregator who reported that Dogecoin had become the subject of 90, 000 tweets and become the first altcoin for generating the large Twitter-volume when compared to Bitcoin. The spike in the social signals of DOGE was bolstered by the tweet from the self-described former CEO of Dogecoin Tesla chief executive Elon Musk who was chosen as the most wanted hypothetical CEO in 2019, 4 years after founder of Dogecoin Jackson Palmer neglected the project. 

In spite of Dogecoin starting from the meme illustrate the Shiba Inu dog class, this successful scheme has constantly garnered robust society support with Dogecoin for donating money on the way to the Sochi Olympics campaign of the Jamaican bobsled team funding NASCAR driver Josh Wise and collect donations for building wells in Kenya in 2014. 

There are several things to keep in mind every time you make use of the professional guidelines to buy the best cryptocurrencies. For example, you must consider and double-check the risk tolerance and digital assets to decide on and invest in the suitable cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies are designed to be free from the government manipulation as well as control. Ethereum is the first bitcoin alternative to and decentralized software platform which lets smart contracts and decentralized applications to be built and run devoid of any fraud, control, downtime, and interference from the third-party. The main objective of the Ethereum is to make a decentralized suite of financial products anyone in the world can get an immediate and free access to irrespective of faith, ethnicity, or nationality.  

Litecoin is launched in 2011. This cryptocurrency was created by the former Google engineer and an MIT graduate Charlie Lee. This cryptocurrency is based on the open-source global payment network not controlled by the central authority and using the scrypt as the proof of work and decoded with the support from the CPUs of the consumer-grade.  Litecoin has a fast block generation rate and designed to offer the fast transaction confirmation time. There are an ever-increasing number of merchants accepting Litecoin at this time. 

Cardano is an Ouroboros proof-of-stake cryptocurrency and created with cryptography experts, mathematicians, and engineers. Charles Hokinson is one among five initial founding members of Ethereum and co-founder of the Cardano project. This team has created its blockchain through the extensive experimentation as well as peer-reviewed research. Well experienced and dedicated researchers behind this project have successfully written more than 90 papers on the blockchain technology across different topics.  

Polkadot is a distinctive proof-of-stake cryptocurrency and designed for delivering the interoperability between other blockchains. This renowned cryptocurrency protocol is designed to link permissioned as well as permissionless blockchains and oracles to let systems to successfully work together under the same roof. The core component of this cryptocurrency is its relay chain which lets the interoperability of the varying networks. It lets parallel blockchains with its own native tokens for particular use cases. 

Bitcoin cash

Bitcoin cash holds a good place in the history of altcoins as it is the main and successful hard forks of the actual Bitcoin. It began its life in 2017 due to one of these splits. It increases the block size from 1 MB to 8 MB with an idea that large blocks hold maximum transactions within them. As a result, the transaction speed would be enhanced further. Stellar is an open blockchain network and providing the best enterprise solutions by successfully connecting all the leading financial institutions for the large transactions. This cryptocurrency has positioned itself as an enterprise blockchain for the complete institutional transactions. It is an open blockchain which can be used by everyone and designed to let the cross-border transactions between currencies of any type. Lumen is the native currency of the Stellar. This popular network needs all users to hold this native currency to be able to transact on the network.